I've been getting into open source development and needed a place to provide a quick overview on my projects. That place is here...Enjoy!

- Kevin

GitHub Repository Status

Repository TravisCI Status Website
Knockback.js Website
Knockback-Navigators Website
Knockback-Inspector Website
Knockback-Todos Website
Backbone-Articulation.js Website
Underscore-Awesomer.js Website
Background.js Website
Mixin.js Website
examples-kmalakoff Website

GitHub Repositories

Coffeescript/Javascript - General Purpose

  1. Background.js: Client-client background job queues, lists, and NxN array iterators
  2. JSON-Serialize.js: Conventions for converting raw JSON to/from class instances. Use this before JSON.stringify and after JSON.parse!
  3. Lifecycle.js: Conventions for Javascript instance lifecycle management in heterogeneous collections and embedded classes
  4. Mixin.js: Aspect-oriented Javascript library

Coffeescript/Javascript - MVC/MVVM

  1. Knockback.js: A perfect mix of Backbone.js and Knockout.js
  2. Knockback.js Todos Live Demo: Todos with localization and persistent settings
  3. Knockback.js Todos: Check out the Demo's source code
  4. Backbone-Articulation.js: Allows you to serialize and deserialize instances within your Backbone.Model attributes including Javascript Dates!

CouchDB/Couchbase Mobile

  1. Phonegap-Couchbase-X-Platform with CouchMover: iOS and Android helpers for Mobile Couchbase developers
  2. CouchPack-Gem: Ruby library to pack CouchDB documents into a loadable format by CouchMover
  3. CouchWatcher-Gem: Ruby library to watch a CouchDB's changes feed and take an action when changes come in. For example, running CouchPack.

Blog and Examples

I also keep a blog: BrainCode and have set up a demos project: examples-kmalakoff to demonstrate how to use many of these libraries in real-world situations.