Compatible Components: Backbone-ModelRef.js

Backbone-ModelRef.js provides a mechanism to respond to lazy-loaded Backbone.js models.

An Example:

window.ThingCellViewModel = kb.ViewModel.extend({
  constructor: function(model, options) {
    var _this = this;, model, {
      requires: ['id', 'name', 'caption', 'my_things', 'my_owner'],
      factories: {
        'my_things': ThingCellCollectionObservable,
        'my_owner': ThingLinkViewModel
      options: options

    // use the parity interface between Backbone.Model and Backbone.ModelRef can be used to easily set up a loading state
    this.is_loaded = ko.observable(model && model.isLoaded());
    this._onModelLoaded = function(_model) {
      _this.start_attributes = _model.toJSON();
      return _this.is_loaded(true);
    !model || model.bindLoadingStates(this._onModelLoaded);
    return this;