#Knockback.js Tutorials

We have prepared some tutorials to help explain introduct Knockback.js concepts and to provide solutions to common problems.


You can find the various 'Tutorials' in the navigation bar above:

  • kb.Observable: shows how to create and customize an observable for a single Model attribute
  • kb.ViewModel: show how to create and customize ViewModel that holds observables for some or all of a Model's attributes.
  • Nested Models: shows how to choose the ViewModel used for a Model stored in another Model's attributes.
  • Relational Models: shows how to display and manipulate collections of Models stored in a Model's attributes. You can manage relationships by hand or using a compatible component like Backbone-Relational.js.
  • kb.LocalizedObservable: shows how to add observables that automatically change when a global locale for your application changes.
  • Custom Locale Manager - shows how to store translated strings by locale in a simple locale manager and notify observers when the locale changes.
  • ViewModel Injection - demonstrates how you can dynamically inject observables and ViewModels from your HTML in a similar way to AngularJS.